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RocketEV has been very responsive, extremely knowledgeable on the products and throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the area who is looking to have an electric vehicle charger installed.

The professionalism and enthusiasm of [the electricians] was off the charts. These were amazing guys who knew their stuff and delivered a great experience. 

The guys were awesome and the work was done top notch! Great guys you have there, and great workmanship.

The installation was super smooth. [the team] did an incredible job, maintained COVID-19 protocols, and I’m delighted with the service. In particular, they took great care of our newly built house, carefully routing the cabling and minimizing the number of holes required in the drywall. Being able to charge our EV at home now brings us tremendous peace of mind.

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Mississauga, Ontario

L4W 2N6 Canada

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