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a modern philosophy

With a vision for a greener world, RocketEV is a key player in building a sustainable and practical network of EV charging stations nationwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide full turnkey solutions that are efficient, high quality and economical. We aim to do this by leveraging our strengths, resources, technology and consulting strategic partners to fulfil our projects.

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Our Core Values

Humbly Confident

We are highly confident in our quality and competence, without any arrogance.

One Call

We prioritize and are held accountable to ensure our customers needs are met in one conversation. We have one shot to demonstrate professionalism in order to gain trust, educate, and ensure the customers needs are fulfilled through our services.

Puzzle Solvers

No puzzle is too big or too small for us. We are committed to problem solve and provide efficient and logical solutions for all our customers needs. We target all puzzles with an open mind and are solution focused.


Collectively we build a electrifying working environment where we support one another to create a fun and positive corporate culture to deliver exceptional results. We do this by helping our employees improve their skills, encourage them, treat them fairly, and recognize their accomplishments, stimulating them to approach their jobs with passion and commitment.

Save a Whale

We focus on preserving and protecting the ocean and its inhabitants by providing environmental and economical alternatives to our socially responsible customers driving electric vehicles. We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct wherever we operate. We obey all laws, produce safe products, protect the environment, practice equal employment, and are socially responsible.

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L4W 2N6 Canada

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